Korea Cosmetics Trading Company

Established in September, Juche38(1949)

Superior and new ranges of Pomhyanggi Kaesong Koryo Insam cosmetics will satisfy our customers.

Everybody wishes for eternal youth and beauty as if they are in a balmy spring day when all things in nature start to grow again and flowers open, emitting rich fragrance. To satisfy this wish is our ideal.

The Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory situated in Sokha-dong No. 1, Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has realized its integration of R&D and production. It has under it Pomhyanggi Cosmetics Research Institute that specializes in cosmetics research and development, and is equipped with production lines for cosmetics, soaps and cleansers, glass and plastic containers, plastic packing materials and others.

The factory’s cosmetics famous for its brand Pomhyanggi constitute main articles of export of the Korea Cosmetics Trading Company and they are popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Pomhyanggi cosmetics with world-famous Kaesong Koryo insam as the main ingredient are widely known as multifunctional cosmetics. As they are highly effective in boosting skin metabolism to retard aging, improve the skin’s elasticity, enhance whitening effects, remove wrinkles and preserve moisture, they make the skin young and beautiful.     

The products that ensure high quality and hygienic safety passed ISO 9001 and SGS tests and are granted the GMP and DPRK quality certifications. More than 250 kinds of Pomhyanggi cosmetics are now being exported to many countries in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

Pomhyanggi cosmetics have passed assessment tests at several laboratories of foreign countries, including France, Germany, Russia, China, Mongolia and Japan.

Conclusion of assessment of anti-aging activity of Lancome of France and Pomhyanggi of the DPRK on human living skin explants(BIO-EC Laboratory of France  December 24, Juche 104(2015))

Lancome advanced genefique shows a very slight anti-ageing activity,

Pomhyanggi essence shows a moderate anti-ageing activity.

Lancome Advanced Genifique is a typical anti-aging essence developed by 3 000 odd experts from 65 countries of the world for 14 years, it holds nine patents.


Pomhyanggi Serial-9 anti-aging essence that was developed in Juche104(2015) and made its debut in September Juche104(2015) at the 11th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair is a multifunctional essence for anti-aging, whitening and moisturizing effects. It won the DPRK quality certification and patent.

Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory equipped with a perfect assortment of modern facilities turns out high-quality cosmetics by ensuring hygienic safety and scientific and technological requirements in production.

Distinctive Features of Pomhyanggi Cosmetics


Pomhyanggi cosmetics have Kaesong Koryo insam, a Korean specialty, as their main ingredients.

At present, Pomhyanggi cosmetics are undergoing further improvements in accordance to the development of science and technology, bioengineering technology in particular, so as to meet the people’s aspiration for beauty.

New patented bioengineering technologies are introduced into the production of the cosmetics.

In the past the major mission of the cosmetics was to make face and skin smooth and beautiful by treating the horny layer of the skin, the outer layer. But Pomhyanggi cosmetics produce wonderful effects by activating and regenerating cells in the underlying layer of the skin and fibroblast in the cutis so as to increase the young skin cells and cellular constituents.

Pomhyanggi cosmetics are composed of natural herbal extracts obtained by means of supercritical technology and other ingredients that imitate components of the personal skin by means of bioengineering technology, and the ingredients are blended in a scientific way as suited to physiological features.

As a result, they agree with almost everybody’s constitutional features, produce no adverse effects, and retain their beautifying effects. In a word, they produce beauty of the skin from inside the skin, not outwardly.

Pomhyanggi cosmetics have three patents at present and among them anti-aging, whitening and moisturizing cosmetics are registered as cutting-edge products.

Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
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Liquid Cream 7475
Hair Styling Gel 542
Hair Nourishing Liquid 2472
Fabric Conditioner 306
Anti-dandruff Shampoo 831
Anti-dandruff Conditioner 831
Fabric Detergent 307
Hair Growth Promoter 842
After-Shave Cream 2473
Dyeing Shampoo 5454
Dyeing Cream 553
Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pack 7303
Hair Tonic No. 422
Soap Powder
Transparent Toilet Soap
Ganoderma Body Shampoo
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Lotion No. 512
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Cream No. 342
Liquid Cream No. 512
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