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Established in Juche 95(2006)

For its active and effective nature, natural sulfur mud of rich colloidal sulfur, has now been recognized as a wonderful natural material indispensable for healthy skin and facial beauty, and is now being used widely in the production of cosmetics.

The sulfur mud buried for thousands of years in Kwangryang Bay, a scenic spot along the West Sea of Korea, is dark and glossy and smells hydrogen sulfide. Its particle is so fine that it may look like a paste.

It contains 42.1g/L of salt, 16.3-19.2% of colloidal matter, 4.5-5.6% of organic matter and 0.03-0.3% of impurities, out of which sulfuric ingredients effective in dermatologic physiology is 0.43-0.48% that is considered high value in terms of effective ingredients.

The biological action of natural sulfur mud is diverse and the scope of its use is wide-ranging as well.

The strong absorbability of this natural mud makes it possible to absorb the sebum and dust in the sebaceous glands and skin wrinkles and exudate in the inflammatory areas, getting on the peripheral nerves of the contact surfaces that is eventually led to positive effect on the pituitary-adrenal system.

The ingredients contained in the natural mud, namely, various glyceride, stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleinic acid, linoleic acid, choline, serine, vitamin B group, A, C, PP, D and E, sulfur, zinc, iron, magnesium and antibiotics, etc. make skin cells healthy and have absorptive, astringent, softening and anti-allergic effects as well.

Such amino acids as glutamic acid, asparaginic acid, methionine, cysteine and lysine and such antioxidants as huminic acid, together with vitamin, excite the biological origin, promote epithelization and regenerate the immumo function.

In particular, the sulfuric ingredients in the mud directly participate in the synthesization of glutathione, which is a deoxidization enzyme, and methionine and cysteine, which are essential amino acids.

The sulfuric ingredients also act on protoplasm, organelle and their enzyme systems to prevent the skin from aging and detoxicate them, and act on the pituitary and adrenal glands to treat the destroyed endocrine function.

The Korea Kwangryang Trading Company developed sulfur mud products like soap, massage gel and cleansing cream by using sulfur mud of the Kwangryang Bay of the West Sea of Korea, and obtained the national standard and patent on them. 

On the basis of substantial certification on the beauty and medicinal effects of sulfur mud, it is now briskly conducting activities for marketing at home and abroad.

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Korea Kwangryang Trading Company
Korea Kwangryang Trading Company
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