Korea General Mannyon Health Corporation

 Established  in Juche 73(1984).

Products: The Corporation is engaged in producing and exporting over 100 kinds of tonics, medicaments and health-promoting food prepared from natural medicinal herbs abundant in DPR Korea.

While giving priority to coming up to national quality standards and international authentication, it has positively promoted the work to develop new products and improve their quality, increase their output and put production lines on a modern footing.

It mass-produces medicines conducive to promoting people’s health, including those effective for the increase of immunity, treatment of cancers and promotion of blood circulation.

Brand: Mannyon

Kyongokgo and Noesimsahyang produced by the corporation were highly appreciated at international trade fairs.

The corporation, which runs joint venture companies, branch offices and agents in several countries around the world, carries on the export of medicines, exchange of pharmaceutical techniques and other trade dealings.

Add: Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Tel: 850-2-18111-3818905

Fax: 850-2-3814410

E-mail: kpmnfad@star-co.net.kp

Korea General Mannyon Health Corporation
Korea General Mannyon Health Corporation
Kugija Tonic Jelly
Samhyang Uhwang Chongsimhwan
Panaxatrione Anticancer Injection
Eleutherococc Tea
Tannosam Saponin Injection
Zizyphus Tea (Jujube Leaves Tea)
Pullo (Eternal Youth) Tea
Barrenwort Tea
Chongnoepomyong Tea (tea that refreshes brain and preserves life)
Mansamgo Tonic Jelly
Cassia Buds Tea
Medicated Wine for Arthritis made of Deer Bones
Insam Hanultari Active Liquid Medicine
Ginkobia Capsules
Ganoderma Extract Granule
Insam and Omija Tea
Saengmaek Tea
Tiger Bones Arthritis Liquor
Noesimsahyang (Four Aromas for Brain and Heart)
Sipjondaebo Pills
Polycarin Capsules
Silybai Capsules
Reynoutria Japonica Dragees against Mastopathy