Achim Computer JV Company

   Established in September, Juche 91 (2002).

   Major Business: Assembling, producing and selling various kinds of computers and LED TVs


   The company assembles and produces Core i (3, 5, 7) desktops (18.5in, 22in) and laptops (18.5in), tablet PCs (7in, 9in) and LED TVs (analogue and digital) of various sizes and forms. The general process is streamlined.

   The company is giving priority to equipment upgrading and new product development to keep pace with the requirements of the developing times. Also it is endeavoring to develop the exchange and cooperation with foreign counterparts to solidify production foundations, introduce modern technology, improve the quality of products and increase their variety.

   Add: Songyo District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

   Tel: 0085-02-381-8295


Achim Computer JV Company
Achim Computer JV Company
Industrial Computer
Laptop Core i5 (1st generation)
Water-Cooled Computer Core i5 (6th generation)
Integrated Computer Core i5 (2nd generation)
Desktop Core i2
Desktop Core i3
Tablet PC(7in)
Desktop Core i5
Tablet PC(10in)
Desktop (Achim-Core i7)
Tablet PC
Desktop (water-cooled)Core i3
Laptop (Core i3-350M)
Tablet PC