Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Ryonghung Pharmaceutical Factory
Contact Address:  Chilgol-dong No.1, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
Tel:  0085-02-18111-381-8146(ext)

As a medical herb made of 6 kinds of herbs, it treats all kinds of kidney diseases.

It is good for improving evacuant function of kidney and boosting vigor and has a special efficacy in treating nervous prostration, anemia, chronic nephritis, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipemia.

Ingredients: Steamed adhesive rehmannia, japanese cornel, Poria cocos, yam, water plantain and tree peony velamen

Package: 4.5g×18 pills

Indications: It is used as tonic to treat common debility, general debility due to physical and mental fatigue, and debility due to impotence, migraine, insomnia, neurasthenia, night blindness, nephritis, pyelitis, diabetes, itching skin, cystitis, pulmonary emphysema and bronchial asthma.

Dosage and administration: Take 1 or 2 pills three times daily.

Precautions: Hypersensitivity

Storage: Keep in a cool place at 5-15℃.