Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Korea Oriental Instant Medicine Dev. Center
Contact Address:  Songyo District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
Tel:  850-2-18111-341-8238

Instant Resuscitative Drug

Indication: Iediate effect in treating aphasia, paralysis of limbs and coma.

Composition: substances of musk, extract from essential oil, extract from two kinds of iunity-adjusting materials, extracts from two kinds of natural materials for instant revival of nervous cells and tissues, extract for instant removal of fatigue, extract for iediate resuscitation of cerebral metabolism

One pack (2g/bottle*6=12g) is as effective in arousal and resuscitation function as 15g of natural musk. In case of serious aphasia, paralysis of limb and clouding of consciousness due to cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage which are supposed to be desperate illness, it is recoended to use this drug within 1-2 days after the occurrence of the stroke, and iediate use of 2-3 packs will bring about a wonderful effect of restoring most of the patients back to normal conditions.

- 1 bottle for arousal and resuscitation from coma due to different causes

- 1 bottle for iediate resuscitation of heart stroke

- 1-2 pack(s) against prodromal symptoms of cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage

- 3-6 packs for removal of aftereffects of cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage (aphasia, paralysis of limbs and clouding of consciousness)