Kaesong Koryo Hongsam
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Korea Kaesong Koryo Insam Trading Corporation
Contact Address:   Pothonggang District, Pyongyang, DPRK
Tel:  850-2-18111(EXT8082)

Ingredient: Kaesong Koryo Hongsam (Red Ginseng)

It invigorates the energy and spirits, strengthens the internal organs, calms down the mind, nourishes the blood and brightens the eyes. 

It is effective in the treatment of weakness, low-spiritedness, spleen Qi deficiency, lung Qi deficiency, palpitation, insomnia, various kinds of faintness, chronic marantic diseases, chronic gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, nervous breakdown, hypotension, cardiac insufficiency, various anemias, hemorrhagic diseases, leucopenia, hypogenitalism, diabetes, psycho-physical fatigue, shock, prostration, hyperlipemia, acute hepatitis and radiation disease. In particular, it has miracle effect on the prevention and treatment of all kinds of cancer by improving the body’s immunity.