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Korean Association for the Research and Development for the Greening Cause

The company is located in Chongryu-dong No.2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPRK. 

It’s specialized in the work of investment attraction for the development of Kangryong Model International Green Zone, its development, management and operation.

The company was established on October 14th, Juche99(2010). 

Its objects is to develop Kangryong County (situated from southeast of Ongjin peninsula to the northeast-southwest on the Kangryong peninsula; total area is 521.86km2.), South Hwanghae Province, DPRK into a green zone with the circle of ecosystem, to make the best use of resources and energy, and to achieve continuous and balanced development of the this area.

The development project of Kangryong Model International Green Zone is the one to which the Government is attaching a great importance and providing favorable economic and legal environments in this zone as the same as other specialized zone.

The DPRK Government has provided for this corporation with the special authority to manage and operate the land and sea of Kangryong county with a unified way.

The company is looking forward to developing the Kangryong International Green Zone as  a  model of the green zone with the means of  mainly joint venture, BOT/BT developing mode on the principle of equality and mutual benefit with the countries of the world over to participate in this development project.

The company is producing many kinds of the shellfish such as short neck clams in the 1 000 hectare of the  its marine farms. 

Kangryong County has many worthwhile projects including a sea-farm of 1 million hectares, forest and agricultural land of 42 000 hectares, 4 historical relics, 3 living monuments, 2 sand beaches and scores of small- and large-sized islands.

In the future, the company is looking forward to the long-term and creditable cooperation relationship with all the enterprises and companies willing to develop foreign trade with our country on the principle of equality, mutual benefit and complementing one another.

Add : Chongryu-dong No 2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPRK

Tel: 0085-02-381-5912