Economic Development Organizations

Korea Economic Development Association

Korea Economic Development Association is a non-governmental organization that accelerates cooperation and interchange between investors, private organizations and non-governmental organizations for development of the special economic zones. 

It also provides favorable condition for the investment and assists the government’s activities to accept foreign investment.

 It is established on June 8th , 2013 and is supported by the Ministry of External Economic Relations, DPRK.

The Association makes study of development zones, recommend to the government, collects and introduces progressive situation about them.

It collects information from other countries about development zones, exchanges achievements and experiences and organizes investment forums and seminars at home and abroad.

It cooperates with foreign private and non-governmental organizations, local management organizations of economic zones and foreign investment enterprises.

It also conducts consultancy and proxy services.

Korea Economic Development Association concludes agreement and contract related to cooperation and investments, establishes missions and offices abroad and manages them.  

Address: Chongryu dong No 2, Taedonggang district, Pyongyang city, DPRK

Tel: 0085-02-381-5912

Fax: 0085-02-381-5889