Economic Development Organizations

Economic Development Bank

The Korean Economic Development Bank was founded on 22nd November, 2014 as the special bank which is responsible of all the banking activities pertinent to the special economic development zone banks and the national commercial banks in DPRK.

△ Banking Activities

- Accounting services with the external and internal clearing banks 

- Overseas fund-raising and financing, loan and investment 

- Deposit, saving, clearing and withdrawal

- Issuing, guarantying and clearing L/C including internal and external remittance and providing all the banking services rerating with cheque and bonds and credit cards 

- Exchange services for the precious metals transactions

- Transactions of financial commodities such as stocks and bills through   the reliable international finical markets 

- Provision of banking services for contracting joint ventures  and equities between banks and financial institutions at home and abroad

- Development of real estate and financial commodities

- Banking service for trust funding and consultations, bank guarantee and deposits

- Banking operation of issuing and, take-over and sale of securities, financial banking cards, cheque etc.

- Investigating and researching financial marketing at home and abroad to , developing effective financial strategies

- Exchange  services  for  the international convertible currencies

- Provision of Banking for services the non-residents in DPRK

Add : Chongryu-dong No.2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Tel: 00850-2-381-5912

Fax:  00850-2-381-5889